About Us

Located in the heart of New York, the Saber Team is a website development firm that specializes in developing and marketing for high-end business websites.


Customer Service

The Saber Team thrives on communication and good customer service. Throughout the entire process we are in constant contact with our clients, accepting feedback and giving updates.



Our designers and programmers are all trained professionals. Only the most talented are chosen to work with the Saber Team

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  • A pleasure to work with a sane, honest and reliable (as well as skilled and knowledgeable) person.- Dr. Harvey Lang
  • Aside from delivering the final product in less than the expected time frame (unheard of in the Web design industry) he offered solutions that made the final product work beautifully. - Chayenu
  • I have recommended them more than once and would not hesitate to do it again!- Jordan Kagan