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July 20, 2014
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October 30, 2016

The Purim App

Purim App

Take a look at the Best Pruim App on the IOS App Store. Coming soon to android, blackberry and Windows Phone.

This year the festival of Purim begins on Saturday night, March 11 2017.


Purim App Purim Application Screenshot Blessing for Purim Costume Purim App

Purim App Details

This amazing app is packed with so many helpful features that will help everyone have an easier time celebrating the festival of Purim.

An important feature of this app is the ability to give Matonos La’evyonim directly through the interface. The proceeds given will go directly to feed the poor in Israel on the day of Purim. Money received on Purim afternoon will go to feed the poor of Jerusalem on Shushan Purim.

Follow along with the Megillah and say the blessings.

Give Matanos La’evyonim on the day of Purim!

– The Four Mitzvos. A detailed tutorial.
– Slide the Gragger (noisemaker) to make noise!
– Share you costume on the social networks
– Read the Megillah
– Give Matanos La’evyonim on the day of Purim
– Read the story of Purim

If you have any comments or suggestions for our Purim App, we encourage you to leave us feedback in our contact us page!