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November 25, 2018
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Estate Diamond Jewelry Website

Estate Diamond Jewelry Website on Computer

Take a look at our new Estate Diamond Jewelry website.

We have just finished a new project for one of the finest antique jewelry collectors in the world. Estate Diamond Jewelry is located on 5th Ave in Manhattan, New York.

This was one of the most beautiful projects we have undertaken. They were a pleasure to work with, and their jewelry is beautiful.

About Estate Diamond Jewelry

Estate Diamond Jewelry deals in fine estate, vintage, and antique jewelry. If you need any vintage engagement rings, wedding bands, or earrings, you can visit them at their Estate Diamond Jewelry website (that we built) or you can book an appointment and visit them at their New York City showroom. You can view Rock 30 from one window and the rooftop garden from Spiderman from the other windows.

They have two types of rings, vintage and vintage style. Most of their vintage rings were created during the Art Deco Era (spanning from around 1920 – 1940) and the Edwardian Era (spanning from 1890 – 1910).

Their vintage-inspired rings are fitted with antique diamonds and have mountings that were handmade by their expert jewelers. Each ring takes weeks to finish. The craftsmanship of each ring is superior to anything that is available on the market. The jewelers use the same tools and techniques that the top jewelers of the 1920s used to use.

In addition to their collection of rings, they also carry vintage and vintage style wedding bands, and vintage and vintage style earrings. They have an amazing side collection of beautiful vintage cocktail rings and three-carat engagement rings.

The Saber Team x Estate Diamond Jewelry

The Saber Team took Estate Diamond Jewelry as a customer in 2013. Since then, we’ve strived to build their brand and present their incredible reputation for everyone to see.

Upgrading their Website

Estate Diamond Jewelry Website Front Page

One of the first moves that we took was redoing their website. We are a strong believer in building websites with the latest coding and technology. Luckily, they are of the same mind.

We spend weeks, designing, planning and scheming. We didn’t begin any of the work until we felt certain that our clients loved the idea.

(Spoiler Alert: They are still in love with our design. The website has evolved a lot over the years, but they’re still in love with the core design that we planned 5 years ago!)

Once they signed off on the design, we began building the code. It took us five weeks to complete (1 week ahead of schedule). We had a few programmers and designers all focused on this job. The end result was stunning!

They had a few minor corrections. Over the next few days, we touched up the details.


Estate Diamond Jewelry Facebook Page

To date, Estate Diamond Jewelry has one of the strongest Facebook Pages in the vintage jewelry world. With over 118,00 fans they point their customers to their FB page on a constant basis. Their interaction rate is incredibly high.

When we started they had 82 Facebook fans. Yes, 82 fans!

We worked with them to plan a strategy and direction that the overall Facebook vibe should take. We ended up deciding upon going for an educational angle. Each post challenges their fans to guess the answer to a jewelry educational question. After 24-hours, they post the answers.

Their fans loved it. Some of their posts have 1,000’s of answers! And their fans grew!

Facebook’s algorithm has changed a little, but Estate Diamond Jewelry is still going strong. Their followers are still interacting and the traffic that it brings to the website is incredible.


Estate Diamond Jewelry Instagram

As Instagram began to gather popularity, we encouraged Estate Diamond Jewelry to join the platform. Seeing the success that they have enjoyed with Facebook, they wanted to continue the same style into Instagram. We agreed!

To date, they have over 28,000 Instagram followers.

Media Mentions

We sat down with Estate Diamond Jewelry early on in their marketing campaign with us. During the meeting we had them explain their business to us. It didn’t take long for us to realize that the marketing would be easy. They have jewelry that is stunning, but more importantly, very rare. There were so much for journalists to talk about.

Since that meeting, we’ve reached out to our media connections and explained to them what Estate Diamond Jewelry does. Journalists love talking about stunning and rare jewelry and once we made the connection, the jewelry did the rest of the job.

Thanks to our work, Estate Diamond Jewelry has been mentioned all over!

  • Time Magazine (twice)
  • Refinery 29
  • Vogue (twice)
  • Huffington Post (multiple times)
  • Buzzfeed
  • Who What Wear
  • Yahoo!
  • Gem Gossip
  • Stack
  • Inc
  • 100 Layer Wedding Cake

And a lot more!

Photography and Design

From the onset, Estate Diamond Jewelry wanted us to plan a strategy for the photography. They wanted their superior jewelry to be presented in a superior way, and so we did the research and planning for them.

Our plan consisted of two different styles of photography.

Website Pictures: The website images would be shot on a white background. Clean and simple. We trained the photographer to shoot the images using propriety techniques that we invented. Afshin and Ben always tell us that their customers love the photography on the website. And we are pleased!

11405-octagon-halo-engagement-ring-artistic-2 11439-m-buccellati-wedding-band-artistic 11429-rare-sapphire-ring-artistic-3 10849-diamond-and-sapphire-cushion-cut-halo-ring-artistic-2