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My NFT Roadmap

Here’s everything that you need to know so far about the NFT Collection of Crypto Crypto by Shmuel Aber.

About Shmuel Aber

Shmuel Aber CEO of the Saber Team

I love technology and riddles, and this NFT collection is a way for me to combine these passions.

The riddles can be solved (and the prize won) entirely online.

There will clues in each Crypto Crypto that go beyond the scope of a single puzzle.

About Cyptos Crypto

Cyptos Cyrpto 1

This is the first Cyptos Cyrpto of the collection.

A creative spin on the world of NFTs, this is a puzzle that leads to a prize! Good luck! Anyone can win, just analyze the art and follow the crumbs!


This is an evolving project, but for now I foresee each Crypto Crypto being released once per two weeks.

Watch this page. It will get updated soon!