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Announcing the Launch of Untold Stories of the Torah

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With great excitement, I announce the launch of a new project in Torah education and Jewish history: the “Untold Stories of the Torah” podcast. This new series is available on Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Podcasts. Written by Rabbi Shmuel Aber.

You can start listening today by visiting Spotify.

The Mission

The “Untold Stories of the Torah” podcast aims to educate the listeners on the rich history of the Jewish People, bringing to light the countless stories, insights, and teachings that have shaped our identity as a people. Through this podcast, I strive to bridge the gap between ancient texts and contemporary life. My goal is to make the timeless wisdom of the Torah accessible and relevant to everyone, regardless of their background or level of observance.

These audio classes are based on the live classes I present weekly at Machon Chana.

Source Material and Methodology

In crafting the episodes of this podcast, I draw upon a wealth of sources and commentaries. The explanations of these Rabbis have been at the foundation of my Navi shiurim. These include the insights of Rashi, Mahari Kara, Radak, Tosafos Rid, Ralbag, Abarbanel, Metzudos Dovid, Yonason Eibschitz, and the Chida. Additionally, I will sometimes quote more modern sources like the Malbim, Moam Loez, and the Ben Ish Chai.

In addition to these traditional commentaries, the classes delve into the depths of the Gemaras, Midrashim — with a special emphasis on Medrash Rabbah, Medrash Tanchuma, Seder Olam Rabbah, Yalkut Sheimoni, and Perkei D’Rebbi Eliezer — as well as Mefarshim on the Gemara and Medrash, and Targum.

Finally, the teachings of Chassidus play a central role in the narrative and insights shared in each episode. These sources are not just references; they are the soul of the discussion, bringing a unique light and perspective to the stories in the Torah.

Hashkafa of Teaching

In my approach to teaching Navi and crafting each podcast episode, I adhere strictly to the guidance and hashkafa set forth by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, especially as outlined in his famous letter to Rabbi Zevin. This means that while the stories and lessons shared are rich with inspiration and guidance for Avodas Hashem and Middos Tovos, they are firmly grounded in authoritative texts. Almost no personal interpretations are introduced in my classes. Every insight and lesson is sourced from a recognized, authoritative Rabbi. My notes on the classes together with the source will, God willing, soon be made available to the public.

Supporting Our Journey

Creating and sustaining a project of this magnitude requires not just time and dedication, but also resources. To ensure the continued production and expansion of “Untold Stories of the Torah,” we invite our listeners and the broader community to contribute. Your donations will directly support the creation of new episodes, the research required to ensure accuracy and depth, and the dissemination of this precious wisdom to as wide an audience as possible.

How to Contribute

Contributions can be made through a dedicated donation page. The link is in the description of each podcast episode and also on the main Spotify page. Every bit helps, and your support is invaluable in making Torah learning accessible to all.

Join Us on This Journey

As we embark on this exciting journey together, I invite you to join us in exploring the untold stories of our heritage. Whether you’re a longtime student of the Torah or newly curious about Jewish history, “Untold Stories of the Torah” offers something unique for everyone.

By weaving together the rich narratives of our past with the profound teachings of our sages, this podcast aims to inspire, educate, and connect us all more deeply to our roots. Each episode is not just a lesson but an invitation to engage with our tradition in a meaningful, transformative way.

Subscribe, Listen, and Share

“Untold Stories of the Torah” is more than just a podcast; it’s a community of learners and seekers. I encourage you to subscribe on Spotify, YouTube Music, or Apple Podcasts, to ensure you never miss an episode. Share this journey with friends and family, and let’s build a community of Torah learning and inspiration together.

Additionally, leaving a review will greatly help other listeners find the podcast.

In closing, I extend my deepest gratitude to you, our listeners, and our supporters. Thank you for joining me in this new chapter of Torah education. Together, let us uncover the untold stories that await us and draw closer to the wisdom of the Torah, which lights our path through life.

With blessings and anticipation,

Rabbi Shmuel Aber

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