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Learn how to fully optimize your website for maximum Google traffic.

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Receive a customized website analysis to increase traffic, outrank your competitors, and dominate your space in the digital market.

Why An SEO Audit is So Important

A properly optimized website is critical in creating a powerful digital marketing strategy, and SEO auditing is the first step in setting up an effective site. 

An SEO audit is a detailed report of the key factors that impact a website’s search engine rankings. When SEO experts perform an audit they first analyze every detail of the website and assemble a comprehensive list of which endeavors are performing and where improvement is necessary

Based on their assessment they’ll then create a detailed agenda of SEO practices that should be implemented on the website. SEO audits can also detect and prevent security issues and keep up with the ever-changing search engine algorithms.

What is an SEO Audit

What an SEO Audit Covers

SEO Basics

A comprehensive bullet-point rundown of all the primary SEO vitals on your website

User Experience

Evaluation of website layout, graphic design, and ease-of-use.

Website Speed

A 3-tier website speed assessment along with actionable steps to improve speed

Link Building

Analysis on the inbound, outbound, and internal link-building structure

Keyword Analysis

Appraisal of keyword efficacy and readability status

Exclusive Techniques

A set of advanced recommendations using proprietary Saber Team techniques.  

SEO Audit Pricing

SEO Audit Prices

Website Audit

$5,000 - $10,000
Includes an advanced analysis of your website and a comprehensive breakdown of recommended corrections and updates. Recommended for websites that have yet to achieve high-level ranking success.

Programmer Audit (Advanced Developers Only)

Includes an intensive analysis of a website from coding level. Recommended for SEO developers and technicians looking to learn the latest techniques in the industry. 

Corporate Audit

Customized advanced audit for corporate websites and high traffic websites.

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